Meet Marie

Marie Calfopoulos Engagement Wedding Photographer Photographe Mariage Paris Provence Luberon Avignon France

Everytime I look at these childhood pictures, I am overwhelmed with emotion.
My parents and baby me. The bond between my little sister and I. Time flying by at birthdays. Family gatherings every summer with five generations and how lucky I am to have known my great-great grandmother (I'm the one pouting at the bottom left by the way).

These pictures tell my story.

Marie Calfopoulos Engagement Wedding Photographer Photographe Mariage Paris Provence Luberon Avignon France

Photography has always been a part of me...

I grew up between the lavender fields of southern France and the beaches of Brittany. When I was little, my grandparents got me a toy camera that I couldn't put down (picture on the left!). Getting older, my Dad, who was and still is into photography, offered me my first real camera. I fell in love with photography.

After passing a languages degree, I moved back to the South of France, to the French Riviera. Passionate about all media, I worked for several years in a multimedia company. There, I learned a lot about professional photography, digital retouching and video editing.

I developed my skills in these fields in New York City. Living in the heart of Brooklyn was a crazy adventure!

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” — Walt Disney

My love for travel brought me to wonderful destinations such as Thaïland, Italy, the Caribbean, Spain, Kenya and Tanzania, Greece, South Africa, Canada and more. Through these travels, I grew my talent and technique while meeting new people and discovering fascinating cultures. Travelling is essential to my life and I want to explore and enrich myself as much as possible.

In 2012, I graduated from the New York Film Academy and moved to Paris where I started my own photography business for couples and families from all over the World. There you have it. This is my story.

Now that you know me a little better, I'd love you to tell me about you!

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” — Confucius

Little things that make me happy...

Chocolate, rock music, sunsets, rose gold, going to the movies, fireplaces, rollercoasters, travelling, musicals, vanilla, DIY and crafts, speaking English, instagram, dogs, the smell of mimosa and orange blossom, my nephews and my niece, making "myself pretty", flying on planes, amusement parks, baking TV shows, scented candles, family and friends dinners, lists and crossing things off them, my cup of coffee (that I never finish), my apartment, discovering new cultures and meeting people from all over the world, raspberries, “The Walking Dead” “Grey's Anatomy” “Game of Thrones” “Friends” and many other TV shows, making people happy, salted butter (my Brittany roots), the Disney universe and parks, herbes of Provence and mediterranean cuisine, board games, Italy and Greece (I'm a quarter Greek and proud of my last name!), working on my Mac, being a tourist in my own town, singing along songs (completely out of tune but I don't care), massages after a long day of work, music festivals and concerts, speaking and writing (look, I can't stop!)...