Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

I invite you to contact me and I’ll be happy to email you the collections and à la carte services I offer.

Do you photograph ________?

People often ask me if I shoot a certain type of events. So here’s a list of what I do shoot, have shot and love to shoot!

Engagements, weddings, elopements, couples, surprise proposals, pre-weddings, honeymoons, bachelor/bachelorette parties, babyshowers, anniversaries, trash the dress, birthdays, families, newborns, pregnancies, portraits… and for professionals: openings, meetings, conferences, conventions, exhibitions, incentives, businesses, stores, products, headshots and so many more!

Can we read some clients reviews?

Of course! Just head over to my testimonials page 🙂 I’m also on Yelp!, and Facebook

How many pictures will we get?

After our shoot, I’ll sort out the pictures from our session: I will remove duplicates, eyes closed etc. to keep a large selection of the best shots we took together. Based on my experience, I set a different amount of pictures for each collection. I often overdeliver as the amount I set is a minimum.

How do you edit them?

I then edit them all individually, correcting the color, saturation, contrast, cropping if necessary… My workflow requires time. Post-treatment can take more time than the photo session itself! I never use automated photo retouching tools and always take care of post-treatment myself.

I will deliver both color and black & white duplicates to you, in high resolution, no watermark, so you can share, print or post on social media as much as you want 🙂

What are your delivery times?

I know how impatient clients get when it comes to seeing the pictures, so you’ll get a sneak peek very quickly after our shoot. For surprise proposals especially as I know the big news has to be shared that exact day.

For the entire collection, it varies according to how long our session is and how busy I am. But I’m pretty good at meeting the delivery deadlines set in my collections though.

When should we book you?

As soon as possible! My schedule fills up quickly and I recommend you book our session as soon as you can to have full control of the day, time and locations you want. I’m rarely available at the last minute. On days I’m not on location shooting, my schedule is filled with editing pictures, client meetings, updating my website and social media, marketing…

So, don’t wait up: Contact me !

Can you hold a date for us?

I will hold a date for you while we are emailing back and forth and during the booking process, but I can’t hold a date forever. If someone else wants it, I won’t be able to hold it for you if you haven’t officially booked.

Will you help us pose?

I’m not one of those photographers that tells you exactly how to stand, where to look, how to behave. I like spontaneous shots and believe you know what your best qualities are. For couples, I trust the chemistry you naturally have much more than forcing you to pose in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

Of course, I’ll give you some basic tips and will let you know if something’s not working, but as long as you’re having fun and smiling, it will reflect on the pictures.

Photo sessions (couples, families, portraits…)

What locations do you recommend?

Paris is one of the richest cities in the world, offering varied backgrounds and beautiful spots for pictures.

• The #1 location to hit is of course the Eiffel Tower. Personally, I like the Trocadero side better than Champs-de-Mars. Bir-Hakeim bridge and Passerelle Debilly also offer great views of the Tower. You can also spot the Iron Lady from the Alexander III bridge, which is another of my favorite spots. With its very nice architecture and its golden statues, it definitely is the most beautiful bridge of Paris.

• The Louvre Museum and its famous pyramid is the second location I regularly shoot at. I love the old building VS modern glass pyramid! Nearby are the Tuileries Gardens that link the Louvre to Place de la Concorde. Next to the Louvre as well is Palais Royal, famous for its “Colonnes de Buren” work of art and a closed-in square.

• Another favorite of mine is Notre Dame Cathedral and Île Saint Louis with cute little Parisian streets, cafés and shops. It’s on an island on the Seine River so river shots here are most definitely welcome! Luxembourg Gardens aren’t too far either.

Montmartre and the Sacré Cœur are often mentioned by people, but the only time I agree to go there is very early in the morning, as it gets crowded very quickly. Around Place Dalida is lesser-known part of Montmartre and a much more quiet one. I love going there.

Other options for the old Paris look are Le Marais neighborhood, with Place des Vosges and Place du Marché Sainte Catherine and Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood with its famous cafés and brasseries Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots.

Rue Crémieux is also very picturesque, although it’s a little out of the way. I definitely recommend checking it out!

• And if you’re looking at places a little further, I’d recommend the Palace of Versailles or the Palace of Fontainebleau and why not, for fun: Disneyland Paris!

The South of France is very different from Paris! But as beautiful in a different style.

Provence is the area I love the most. I grew up there so I’m biased! Lavender fields, sunflowers, poppies, vines… the natural landscapes make amazing backgrounds. Ever heard of the “Colorado provençal”? It literally means “Colorado of Provence” because of its red rocks and Grand Canyon look. The Luberon national park is full of amazing places: Roussillon, Gordes, Lourmarin

• Three other favorites of mine: Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue and of course, Avignon! I love strolling around the “city of Popes”: the old city’s fortified walls, Notre-Dame des Doms Cathedral, Rocher des Doms Park, Pont Saint-Bénezet aka Pont d’Avignon, and of course the famous Palais des Papes.

• Other highlights include: Châteauneuf-Du-Pape, Pont Du Gard, Arles, Camargue, Montpellier, Marseille, calanques of Cassis, Château des Alpilles, Eygalières, Aix en Provence, Salon de Provence… options are endless!

• If you are lucky to visit Provence in the summer, you’ll be able to enjoy the endless lavender fields in Sault or Valensole. Sunflower fields and poppies as well. Blooming lavender season is short, and usually starts in June to end late July.

The French Riviera also offers great locations like Nice, Antibes, Cannes, Monaco or St Tropez.

Will we meet before the photoshoot? Can we schedule a Skype session?

Because your time is often limited, I usually meet foreign clients on the day of our session. But if you want to discuss the details of our photoshoot face to face, no problem! Skype is an amazing tool, so just ask me and we’ll schedule an appointment 🙂 I’m also on Whatsapp for instant messaging.

Where will we meet on the day of the photoshoot?

Depending on the locations we talked about, we will meet at a very specific spot nearby, easy to find for first-time visitors. I’ll send you GoogleMap indications so you don’t get lost and will make sure there’s free wifi around so you can get in touch with me by email if your phone doesn’t work in France.

Will we be able to change outfits?

If you want to change during our shoot, there are always public restrooms, cafés or monument/park restrooms (most of them 1/2 euros per person) on our way. But try to keep your belongings to a minimum as we’ll have to carry them around during the shoot.

We can also make a stop at your hotel so you can change/freshen up without having to carry around clothes that might get wrinkled.

Just remember that the time you’ll need to change will be taken off of our shoot time. My advice: choose your outfits/accessories the day before!

What will we do with our bags?

I’m used to holding purses, coats, scarves etc. during shoots. But please remember I’ll have my own camera bag to carry around and that I also need to be able to move around, crouch down etc. So keep it as light as possible.

Also keep in mind that Paris, like any big city, has lots of pickpockets and thieves. Don’t bring anything precious to the photoshoot and always keep on eye on your belongings at all times.

As much as I’ll help with that, I’ll be busy taking the best pictures possible and will need to be careful myself. But so far, so good… Touch wood!

What if the weather is bad?

If the weather forecast for the day of our shoot is bad, my first thought is to try to reschedule, that’s why I’d recommend we don’t book shoots on your last day in town (cause we can’t reschedule to the next day as you’re leaving).

If we need to cut short our session and can’t schedule another time to meet, I’ll give you a prorated refund.

Sure, rainy/snowy pictures can look nice and romantic, but it’s very hard to manage. Most of the time, I work alone, so I don’t have an assistant to hold an umbrella over my face (nor yours!) and to make sure my equipment doesn’t get wet.

I do know some covered areas in the city (galleries, bridges etc.), but you wouldn’t get the full experience and the pictures you had in mind.

But don’t worry, if we have to deal with light or intermittent rain, I’ve done that before and the pictures turned out okay 🙂 Just make sure you bring a nice umbrella!

How do you deal with crowds? What time should we do our session?

I’m used to taking pictures in touristy places and will frame and use a depth-of-field that makes it all about you. But in order to avoid big crowds, I recommend we shoot early in the morning, especially in the summer.

End of day/sunset lighting is very nice too. I tend to avoid the middle of the day, unless there’s no other option. But no worries, there’s always less known spots and shaded areas that work all-day.

What transportation will we use?

First of: Ladies, please bring flats! We will be walking around the area and the last thing I want is for you to get blisters and not be able to fully enjoy your stay…

In Provence, I have my own car so I can drive you around 🙂 I recommend you rent a car to enjoy the area though as there isn’t much public transport outside big cities. In Paris and other locations, we’ll take an Uber or taxi to transfer from one location to another. Transfer cost is not included in the photo session.

Can we take pictures at night?

Sure we can, but please note a night session is quite different from a daytime session. Lighting is very different, I’ll have to use flash which requires constant adjustments. Some places aren’t suited for night shots, whereas others work really well (ie Eiffel Tower, Louvre…) so the locations have to be carefully chosen.

Can we split the session in two or shoot on two different days?

Yes! Depending on the collection you choose you can. There will be an extra cost though.


We don’t want couple/group photos. Is that okay?

Sure, I am not going to push you. Although experience tells me that when people don’t get at least a few of those, they regret it later on. I know you don’t want to spend time away from your guests, and would rather enjoy a glass of champagne and some appetizers, and you should, but take a few minutes to get some natural, non-posed, spontaneous couple pictures of just the two of you. It’ll be fun, I promise!

Regarding group pictures, you don’t need to do 50 groups, but do a few with at least the bride, groom and parents, witnesses, siblings, grand-parents. You can make these fun too: make funny faces, use props, have all the guys pick up the bride…

What equipment do you use? Do you have a backup camera?

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark IV and a Canon 6D Mark II, various Canon lenses (zoom and prime from 24mm to 200mm) and cobra external flashes. I use both cameras alternatively, with different lenses that allow me to switch from wide angles to close-ups very quickly.

Since I have two cameras, I always have one to save the day in case of equipment malfunction, but that has never happened to me in the many years I’ve worked as a professional photographer 🙂

Can we get unedited images?

I consider my work to be unfinished if I deliver unedited images. I spend a lot of time color-correcting and enhancing each picture to perfection, so no, I do not deliver unedited shots, sorry.

Can you travel to shoot our wedding? How much will it cost?

I love to travel and I happily do when I can for work, especially for weddings or love sessions. In addition to Provence and Paris, I travel within France and even abroad for weddings and lifestyle sessions. Traveling costs (transportation + accommodation) are additional to the chosen collection.

Another question?

Ask away! 🙂