A sweet surprise proposal by the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Jerry reached out to me as he was planning to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Malaika. The couple from Seattle had been dating for 6 years and was ready to take their relationship to the next level. Jerry, as a true gentleman, chose to surprise his lady by proposing to her in the City of Love, in front of the Eiffel Tower, to make this moment even more unforgettable and magical!

On D-day, as the two young lovers approached the designated spot, I could see Jerry’s nervousness and the smile on Malaika’s face discovering the breathtaking view from the top of the Trocadero square, unsuspecting. After a quick eye contact with Jerry confirming all was good, he took Malaika’s hands in is, looked her in the eyes, and declared his love to her. She was in shock! He then took the ring box out of his pocket, got down on one knee and opened the box revealing a beautiful engagement ring. I’m so happy with how the pictures turned out! So much emotion for me as well to witness life changing moments like this one…

After Jerry put the ring on her finger, he turned to me and that’s when she had the second surprise: “oh my God, there’s a photographer!”

Trocadero being a very popular vantage point on the Eiffel Tower, it’s easy for me to blend in with the tourists by pretending I’m shooting the Iron lady, when I’m, in fact, shooting the couple about to become fiancés!

The emotion hit Malaika and I gave the pair some time to take in that special moment. Then we carried on with some additional images with the beautiful view of the monument.

We then walked down the famous steps, stopped there for a few shots, as well as in the Trocadero gardens for some pictures with the colorful flowers — perfectly coordinated with her dress! — and the carrousel.

We headed to the Alexander III bridge for the last part of our photo session. That magnificent work of art never ceases to amaze me…

It was really fun to be Jerry and Malaika’s engagement photographer, as always I’m incredibly grateful to capture that important step in my couple’s love stories!

My boyfriend and I got engaged in Paris and Marie took amazing photos! Our family and friends were so excited that they could share the beautiful moment by viewing the pictures. I love that she gave us black & white as well as color photos. She is such a nice person and we would definitely book her again!

Malaika M.

A magical marriage proposal by the Eiffel Tower in Paris

“When a beautiful journalist meets a handsome pilot and they madly fall in love.” That could be the tagline of a romance novel or a romantic movie…

Neil secretly contacted me while planning to propose to his girlfriend Vanessa in Paris. He wanted to truly wow her by surprisingly flying her to Paris and creating a multiple surprise for her. First: a romantic getaway in Paris, France. Second: a fairytale marriage proposal by the Eiffel Tower. Third: the whole thing captured on camera by me, followed by an engagement photo session in the city of Love. And the surprises weren’t over!

As per usual, I easily blended in the crowd of tourists and pedestrians strolling the Bir Hakeim bridge and capturing pictures of the Iron Lady. The sky was so blue that day it almost felt like we weren’t actually in Paris! The city is known for its overcast weather but that day it was sunny and so nice out.

As Neil and Vanessa were just enjoying the view, I made sure to capture a few candids of them undercover while excitedly awaiting the big moment…

The big moment was finally here: Neil got down on one knee and Vanessa had the cutest shocked face ever. And there she was, a gorgeous ring on her finger, becoming Neil’s fiancée!

After introducing myself, we took more photos with the Eiffel Tower, then moved to the Louvre Museum to add variety to the collection of photos.

Vanessa looked stunning in her red dress as the couple enjoyed celebrating their love and future as husband and wife.

After stopping on the Alexander III bridge, we made our way back to Trocadero for some additional photos with the Eiffel Tower before the fiancés had dinner at Le Jules Verne restaurant located on the second floor of the Tower! As if this wasn’t enough surprises for the young lady, he even arranged for Vanessa’s family to fly to Paris to join them to celebrate their engagement!! I told you, this one’s a real life Fairytale!

It really was a magical day for the lovers and my biggest pleasure to contribute to this special moment in their lives. One of my all time favorite things in being a photographer is to capture these milestones and create memories that will be cherished forever…

Marie, I just wanted to thank you again for being such a huge part of making our special day extra special. Vanessa and I absolutely love the photos, we can definitely tell it’s not just photography for you but a true art. We are forever grateful. You have been so wonderful to us and We appreciate your talent! We should have gotten a selfie with you !! Merci! Thank you so much !

Neil D.

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An engagement and family photo session on Espiguette beach in Camargue

Andrea and Jeremy met in high school and it was love at first sight. A few years later, they happily welcomed their daughter Lena. Jeremy, always looking for thrill, proposed to Andrea while flying over Las Vegas on their US trip last year. “Oh my God!” But the wedding will be held in France, in their native Provence surrounded by all their loved ones.

We met on a Sunday afternoon for a relaxed family and engagement photo session in Camargue, on Espiguette beach in Grau-du-Roi. The little girl was very excited!

After some great shots on the sand dunes, we walked over to the water for more intimate shots of the couple. Their bond is very inspiring and their affection for one another absolutely adorable.

The cloudy sky cleared towards the end of the day, and an amazing sunset reflecting over the Mediterranean sea gave us the most incredible light to end the photoshoot with.

Provence and the South of France in general is filled with so many wonderful sceneries. What a nice change from my usual locations for this engagement session in Camargue. I can’t wait to experience another beach photo session! In a few months, the lovers will tie the knot: a wedding I’ll share on the blog with delight as it’s going to be as magical as this photo session for sure.

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A surprise proposal at Disneyland and an engagement session in Paris

When Harman told me he was planning on proposing to Sabrina during their Paris trip, I knew right away it would be a surprise proposal like no other. The lovers, who are big Disney fans, took their first trip together in Disneyland California and wanted to spend a day in Disneyland Paris while in France. What could be more magical than surprising your girlfriend with an engagement ring right before Sleeping Beauty’s Castle?

The sun was shining and the sky was blue that morning, so Harman didn’t wait to get down on one knee as soon as we got to the park! Of course, Sabrina said “oui”!

After this emotional moment, we strolled around Fantasyland and through Alice’s maze, and ended up on Main Street with a total Disney look.

Then off to the park to enjoy the many rides, characters and beautiful parade.

The next morning, after this magical day at Disneyland Paris, we met at Trocadero for an engagement session in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Then we stopped at Alexandre III Bridge, Place de la Concorde and eventually at the Louvre pyramid.

What a unique souvenir and a real pleasure to capture this very special moment in beautiful Paris!

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An engagement photo session at the Eiffel Tower, Alexander III Bridge and Louvre Pyramid

Andrew reached out to me several months before this romantic trip to Paris he has planned with his boyfriend Jose.

He was about to propose to Jose and wanted to surprise him with a beautiful gift: an engagement session in the City of Love.

Of course, Jose said yes when the man he fell in love with 6 years before proposed to him, and then got down on one knee and asked Andrew to marry him in his turn!

On D-day, we met at Trocadero to start off our photo session in Paris with the Iron Lady in the background.

The energetic couple was glowing, as much as the sun shining in the sky on this beautiful day.

We then walked to Avenue de Camoens which offers a different vantage point of the Eiffel Tower. Paris is full of beautiful alleys that make perfect spots for a photoshoot.

We stopped on Bir Hakeim bridge, followed by Alexander III bridge, for two very different looks.

I never get tired of shooting this bridge with accents of gold and massive lampposts.

Then off to the Louvre pyramid, but first we strolled through the Tuileries Gardens for some park shots in one of the most beautiful public gardens of Paris.

After a coffee break at a café, we ended our session on Pont des Arts where some rebels still find a way to hook their love locks…

A lovely moment shared with the new fiancés who are about to start a new life: moving to a different state, starting new jobs and getting married! A happily ever after adventure ahead…

We had an amazing time with Marie; the experience of setting up a shoot and planning for the day was effortless, and we really felt that she took an effort to get to know us as a couple and as people even before meeting in person. The day itself was magical, and we felt very at ease throughout the shoot. The whole day was very candid, which we really appreciated, because we didn’t want to be too posed or unnatural. We also appreciated how Marie did a great job of finding little spots that were out of the way to make our shoot really personal and unique!

Andrew F.

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